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Cubicles (2014)

Finishing Line Press

Available now

Advanced Praise for Cubicles:


"Garrett Brown knows the ways in which changing a part can change the soul. This new collection, a voyeur's wet dram, is ingenious in its parts, unmarked bottles the jewels in Brown's gaze. All of America's superheroes are here, at the next desk down. Somewhere, Studs Terkel is smiling..."

—Rafael Alvarez, author, Tales from the Holy Land


“The only “I” here is Temporary. In Cubicles, Garrett J. Brown serves up an employee directory of lost hopes and Wikipedia dreams, pixilated versions of the mundanities that permeate our lives. Brown proves himself a true empath, offering details just tender enough to help us “see pigeons as winged rats roosting under el tracks,” even as the guy in the bathroom stall over talks on his cell."

—Brandi Homan, author, Bobcat Country


Manna Sifting (2009)

Briery Creek Press


Winner of the 2009 Liam Rector First Book Prize for Poetry, Garrett J. Brown's first collection, Manna Sifting, acheives the poetic excellence and heart sought at the inception of the Prize.  Of the collection, judge E. Ethelbert Miller says:

"I was impressed by the range, scope and nuance of MANNA SIFTING. This collection is a poetry museum with wonderful things on display, showcasing images that linger with the reader.  From John Cage to speaking Japanese, these are resonant well-crafted poems that embrace quality and excellence. The poet's words make love to a reader."

Panning the Sky (2003)

Pudding House Publications



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